About RCS Photo

As an architect and photographer for many years, Robert Charles Schmid’s body of work demonstrates a merger of the two professions.  Robert’s architectural education and experience provides an appreciation for the built environment and the impacts of light, shadow, color, texture, and setting.

Early exposure to photography with University of Florida professor Douglas D. Prince and fellow students Jim Johnson and Don Hall, set the stage for a life-long passion.  Robert has been further inspired by such photographers as Jay Maisel, Helmut Newton, Terry Richardson, Julius Shulman, and Ezra Stoller.  This deep background forms the basis of Robert’s ability to capture the obvious and the abstract, the total environment and the closeness of detail.

Robert’s photographic work, whether the subject is architecture, fashion, or fine art, portrays the essence of a scene with an architect’s eye for a bold minimalism that goes beyond the technical nature of focus, exposure, and ordinary composition.  His images use natural and existing lighting to produce a quality and enduring visual experience that resonates within the viewer.

Robert is based in Denver, Colorado.

Clients include: